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Dovanos, Jums jų reikia :: Lagaminai, Jūs negalite be jų :: Skėčių taisymas - tai įmanoma
  • Clothes mending.
    Trousers, skirts, suits, jackets, coats and other clothes shortening, lengthening, narrowing, and widening. We mend holes and insert buttons in jeans.
  • Knitted goods mending.
    You have purchased some garment which you like very much, but its size is a little bit too big for you? Do not worry - we will cut it down to the necessary size.
  • Leather garments mending.
    We narrow, shorten, and mend leather garments as well as sew in patches. We replace zippers, linings, collars, etc.
  • Fur garments mending.
    We narrow and shorten garments; mend torn and worn places; replace hooks and linings.
  • Small-ware mending.
    We replace linings in bags, zippers, and zipper heads. We punch holes in belts and shorten belts.
  • Curtain sewing and mending.
    Curtains shortening and cutting; attachment of ribbons.
  • Non-standard goods sewing and mending. Flags and bags sewing; bed-clothes sewing and mending; working clothes mending.